Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yale Art Museum - additional photos

Hi Jerry - Here are some more photos as you requested:

When I see these statues, I'm always amazing by how long it must have taken to carve each and every detail. It must be so hard to make something like stone look like soft fabric.

This reminds me of an elephant for some reason :)

This headdress is cool (looks like a broom), but it's interesting to see what other cultures wear as status symbols.

Wassily Kandinsky (Russian, 1866-1944)
The Waterfall, 1909
I read that Kandinsky made this piece with the idea of creating an artpiece free from direct representation, to provide the viewers with a totally new visual experience. Personally, I really enjoy to bright and vivid colors he used in this painting, but was surprised on how small the dimensions of the piece really were.

Everett Shinn (American, 1876-1953)
The Orchestra Pit
Shinn was commissioned by David Belasco to create murals for his broadway theatre. I like how this piece gives you the impression that you looking from the audience on this painting.

Marcel Duchamp (French, 1887-1968)
Tu m', 1918
This is a modern piece I found made from oil on canvas with 3 safety pins and one bolt. This is an unusual shape with the length, but I learned that it was commissioned to be hung over a bookcase, hence the long dimensions. The title of the piece is also a sarcastic French expression meaning to cast something aside, as if painting was a bore to him.



  1. Kandinsky single handedly invented pure abstract painting.

    Duchamp invented conceptual painting and sculpture.... both are speaking loudly to artists today...

    Since this is one of your two photo essays, do you have some more images from your visit to Yale to post?

  2. I sure do - I'll post them up!